Wednesday Night Fall Education Series

Join us Wednesday Evenings. Evening prayer at 5:00 p.m.  Dinner for all at 5:30 and then choose from one of our education tracks this fall! Class sessions run September 28 – October 16, 2019

Track 1: Sacred Ground with Rev. John Warfel

 St. Mark’s Social Justice Committee with present an introduction to the film-based dialogue series on race and faith: Sacred Ground.  This excellent series was created by the Episcopal Church for congregations wishing to explore The Way of Love.

Track 2: Holy Listening and Conversations of Grace with Rev. Jim Puryear

 Through a series of vignettes and short talks by four current theologians—Barbara Brown Taylor, Richard Rohr, Parker Palmer and Brené Brown—we will explore and discuss grace as it occurs in daily lives.  Subject matter and areas of discussion will include: The Universal Christ; Love Made Flesh and the Power of Love; Making Space for the Soul; A Place of Unknowing and the Difference Between Fear and Awe, and Handling Shame and Vulnerability.

Track 3: Jonah with Rev. Maggie Sullivan

 This fall Rev. Maggie will lead a study of the Book of the Prophet Jonah. If all that comes to your  mind about Jonah is a “big fish story,” consider coming to join us as we explore this selection of Scripture. The Book of   Jonah is really quite small, but it delivers a powerful message. There is more to it than the fantastic story of a man swallowed by a fish! In it we’ll find corrupt cities,petulant prophets and animals in ashes. See how it all fits together in this story of God’s unrelenting love.