Help Disaster Victims


Many have asked how we can help people in regions devastated by disasters such as storms, floods, wind or fire. There are many ways such as contributions through The Red Cross, The Salvation Army and The Episcopal Relief and Development Fund (ERD), all providing hands-on, on-site assistance.  Though your first thought may be to provide food and clothing, the collection and distribution of these items is often more difficult that you might be aware.  The most effective help is through financial donations to support organizations that are in place to provide what is needed the most.   If you wish to donate financially through Episcopal Relief and Development, simply click here to go directly to the ERD website; or, at your leisure, go back to our website homepage and find the link at the bottom of the home page.  Donate any amount desired. You may specify which disaster or area you wish your funds designated. If you have any trouble with either link simply call the church office for assistance.